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I cant face life anymore. I feel like such a hypocrite telling other people to stay alive when i dont really want to myself. Thanks for the kindness people here have shown me but i think i'll just write a note and leave the world behind. Bye.


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Hey are you there?i am here for you like you werre here for me before.Please dont do sorry your having such a rough time.Perhaps you could talk a little more about whats going on for you if you feel able maybe??No pressure.Please sit and talk to us and try to come on here at the times you feel bad.Please try and keep safe.i know its hard but we are here for you.
How are you now?And if you ever need me remember you can PM me anytime!!!!It would always be good to hear from you again!!!!!

Please take care of yourself


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hey AM

Is like that with most of us.. but it is in the helping of others that we may find the answere to help the very least it adds purpose to your life while you are figuring out your own issues..

hugs ans hope...
Many of us can call ourselves hypocrites but when it comes to a place like this, hypocrisy is nothing to be ashamed of. I agree with allofme, some of us reply to threads hoping it will be of help to us and there's a saying somewhere which goes along the lines of "the best advice we can take is the advice we give others" and it's true.

Imagine the situation you are in now, but you're talking to someone else in your exact same situation. You'd most probably tell them to stick it out, hang in there, lean on people for support and to talk about their issues.. that's what you should do. Sometimes it's hard for us to follow our own advice (gee.. if we all followed our own advice I think many of us would be in a better position than we are right now) but there's a part of us inside which CAN do it, sometimes it just takes a lot to pull that part out to the surface.

Take care of yourself.
As the others have said, many of us offer support to the members of this site while wanting the same thing we discourage others from doing. That does not make us hypocrits. I hope you cahnge your mind and stay. We would like to be able to offer you some support. And gain from you as well. Everybody counts here. :hug:


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~Sigh~:dunno: Hmmm... well what can I say.. this being 2 days late and all.... hmmmmm...... well I have nothing..... maybe I don't know... don't kill yourself?
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