Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Curzon, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. Curzon

    Curzon Member

    I've decided to go, i've got drugs, a knife and a rope ready. I can't bear life anymore. You guys have been great. You've helped me live an extra few months. I'm going in 30 minutes. I'm just writing a note to my family. Thanks again - Curzon :'(
  2. Borrowed time*

    Borrowed time* Well-Known Member

    Please don't go and hurt yourself. Why dont you talk to people see if we can help?:hugtackles:
  3. stig

    stig Well-Known Member

    talk to us curzon. we can help you. please don't do anything rash.
  4. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    I hope your 30 minutes are not up. Come on tell us why you want to go. We can help.
  5. Alonewanderer

    Alonewanderer Active Member

    No need to be so hasty, sleep on it. Get a good nights rest and see how you feel then. I just recently (2 days ago) snapped out of 2 months of feeling severe depression and being suicidal for the last month. C'mon mate...

    Even if you feel bloody and beaten by the world, they'll never conquer your soul. Give it time and you'll look back thinking that you can't even remember being sad. You just need to realize you shouldn't be feeling like this because why? You're too fucking awesome you just need to realize it.
  6. Alonewanderer

    Alonewanderer Active Member

    C'mon Daniel, I implore you to give it 24 hours, I can't offer a cure all for depression but at least if you think you're going to go through with it tomorrow then seize the day today and do everything you never thought possible.

    CARPE DIAM! SEIZE THE DAY WITHOUT ANY FEAR WHATSOEVER! If you're not afraid of anything then do what you've never done and express your love for the girl of your dreams, sign up for skydiving today, rent a jetski and a wetsuit, go on a helicopter ride! So much to do and so little time.
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  7. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    aww noo please dont hurt yourself. PM me and lets talk hun. :hug: :console:
  8. LillMy8989

    LillMy8989 Well-Known Member

    I am very sorry to hear that ( are you dead yet...? ) but please, like others, DON'T! Anyway then I'm that one who go first.. Okej, I can't stop, it's YOUR life like we should have more respects include, but why is that..? I know it's illegal kiling another person (even though that person asks for it), why is that? A human, grown up - adult, being, can make decisions of his own...? Guess not... and that is so wrong! I didn't ask for being born and you guys neither, maybe it's the wellknown "fashion-diagnosis" - depression whos jumping on you times round or maybe (like me, I think) you never was ready to have that life you're in, not because you're having some trouble, you can still be that little "princess" with laughter always out of head but far inside feel like something isnt right like you're not "one of us" - humans (I have those feelings, it's like some spiritualities going on too I can't explain ).

    But IS he alive..?!!
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