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    Based on another dream that I had a like 3 years ago, I still remember it like it happened last night.

    open my eyes
    to find you by my side
    I sit up, and look into your eyes
    I could tell from the start
    that something wasn't right
    that's when you began to cry
    what's wrong? please tell me.
    you look up, with signs of agony
    you then speak softly
    you are not here, I've lost you.

    open my eyes, for a second time
    staring at the sky
    where the hell am I?
    a greater force, has control
    he is here, to collect my soul
    so this is it, the end of my road
    surrounded by trees, natures gift
    yet, feels so lifeless
    now approaching, an open chest
    labeled with only one word, Hell.
    trapped inside, with no way out
    but it's not me that I'm worried about
    only my mother
    and how I left, without saying I love her.

    open my eyes, for the third time
    I'm suddenly back, in my normal life
    yet, I could still feel his eyes
    watching me, waiting
    for the day, when my soul dies
    but this time I will be ready
    for I will never forget
    to say goodbye.
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