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  1. lotr2012

    lotr2012 Active Member

    ok, so i have lost this fight. i have been dealing with this illness for a very long time. i have tried everything. nothing has worked. meds don't work, therapy doesn't work, hospitalizations don't work, support groups don't work, and ect didn't work. i have nothing. i used to want to stay alive for my friend of ten years, and two of my family members. i have lost them all. i am alone, and i can't take it. i am told all the time by my family that i should be dead. that they would be better off. so i don't have to worry about hurting them, because it will be giving them what they want. i have written my note explaining everything, and i do feel confident that this is the time that is going to work. goodbye
  2. Cpt-Fantastic

    Cpt-Fantastic Banned Member

    Lotr hang in there, it might not feel this way but this is probably the lowest you will feel. You will feel better if you hang in there. You are pushing yourself too hard right now, dont worry too much. Why dont you take a cup of coffee, enter chat and talk about it then afterwards you can always choose other options. You have nothing to lose right? If you have taken something already please go to a doctor first.
  3. letmedisappear

    letmedisappear Well-Known Member

    Hey lotr, I really do hope you're still there. Doesn't your dad care about you? What about your friend? I'm sure they would be crushed. Please, hang in there, I'm sure you can overcome this! You're still strong and there's always something worth fighting for. What about your future, with so many possibilities?
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    You're in Austin, TX, and we have such wonderful services available here... I wish you'd reach out and get some assistance on that stuff. I know I offered to help you (since I'm in Austin and am... um... "connected" to what you need), and you didn't seem interested - but I'm still here in your own town if you need anything. Austin area absolutely has a LOT of good programs and services available, hassle free respite, caring professionals, etc.
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