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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by lost_child, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    tierd of being ppls se* toy, tierd of feeling down..tierd of life. I've already used my friend blade...blood is the tears i can't cry...I have my pills, I will end this misery, I will put a stop to people havin a go at me, I will stop all these memories and the pain that u can't see.

    sorry, the pain and hurt is just too much for me.
  2. Honey, please stay, pleasee, please don't do this, overdosing rarely works anyway, I've overdosed SO many times, fourteen/fifteen in the last year and I'm still alive, some were lethal and they still didn't kill me, it isn't nice though, it's torture, so painful and you feel so sick and in ALOT of pain. Hun, please take a step back and think about this. Please...? :hug: Talk to me, talk to us, we are here...
  3. no point

    no point Well-Known Member

    lost child,

    do you want to talk instead? you can PM me and we can talk if you want. I hope you aren't taking the pills. Please stay for a while and talk. I hope you didn't take them :hug:
  4. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    my uncle killed himself on an overdose my friend killed himself on an overdose, it does work, it has to work..I've got more then enough to do it, I've saved ovwe 150 tabs not the same ones as then no1 will know what i've taken. I've tired to fight, i've had a crap day, i've had arguements, i've had messages about men wanting to have se*, not one call or mesage from a friend, just se* this is all i'm worth, sorry. I don't see any other choice. i can't stop cutting i've cut my wrist, i've cut my body. I can't do this. sorry.
  5. Hun, I know overdoses do work, I've lost two close friends to overdosing, but sometimes they don't, for me, they haven't and I've took more than enough to kill me. They are unpredictable and very painful experience... :hug: Just please keep fighting...
  6. no point

    no point Well-Known Member

    sarah is right. overdose might not work. And when it doesn't work, it just leaves you in pain for a while. Don't overdose, just keep talking to us. You are deserve better. :hug:
  7. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    Sorry I'm really struggling 2nite..I'm goin mad..why won't they leave me alone, why do ppl want me to die, my mum as a leaving present when she moved away handed me 200 solphdol and said do it properly next time....and then weeks later she sends me a text saying I love you 28 years too late.

    I cut to realise the pain,
    the pain that hides deep within.
    I feel them on me, they crawling on my skin
    I reach for the blade and start to cut again.

    Realise the poison from inside
    the dirty feelings won't subside.
    the blood is the tears
    that hides all my fears.

    The feelings were too intense.
    no more can I keep up the pretense.
    I reach for the blade, hold it to my wrist
    I cut to deep I can't resist.

    The blood drips, as the light fades
    all that shines are my blades
    I close my eyes and say goodnite
    I promise you I tried to fight
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