Got a "cell phone" ticket...HAHAHAHAHAHHA

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by shades, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Yes, in the end it was quite funny. Despite the length, it is quite entertaining, to a point, I think!

    I knew right away I was getting a talking one's way out of it because I recently heard there was going to be a nationwide clamp down. Also, they were oh, so very clever...hidden behind a row of buildings, near a hospital (where I was visiting my mother).

    They obviously are smart enough to know that people coming out of hospitals are going to get on their phone and report to family members. This was a very well calculated way at meeting their quota and getting the national "get people off their phones in cars" month, off to a big start!!!!!!!!!

    POINT OF THIS THREAD...when I got home (5 minutes later) I read Lexicons thread, "JUST FAILED"...that was tough. I very quickly got over what I found was going to be a $300 U.S. fine. If you go to traffic school (more $$$$$$$$$$) you get to keep it off you record which is good for insurance purposes.

    Bottom line though, is that with all these people here at SF...does this ticket/fine come anywhere close to having any real meaning? The answer obviously is no it doesn't. It has no meaning whatsoever...and is in fact surrealistic in this fucked up world. I can just hear the cop calling it in "yes sir...we got another one sir...and the crowd around the captians table bursts out in applause."

    *********HERE'S THE GOOD PART: The only chance I had to salvage the whole thing was that when he asked who I was talking to (as if it matters, or as if it's any of his fucking business), I had an opportunity for a few laughs!

    I could have said..."well if you must know, I'm speaking to the coroner who is just about to tell me how my mother died" Wonder if I would've got a freebee, but just the look on his face would have been priceless.

    Then I could have also said..."I'm talking to my therapist and I just told her that I'm at the breaking point and the very next upsetting thing is going to send me off the it's been nice talking to you, but do you know where the nearest cliff is?"

    One more could have been..."I was talking to a woman who I was trying to prevent from killing herself, but I guess your dirtly little job takes precedence....I hope she's not dead yet, because otherwise this is on YOUR head!"

    BOTTOM LINE-after thinking of all of these things, I felt at peace (in fact maybe there's a connection there...after all they are "peace officers" tpltpltpltpltplt!

    NO, I was at peace because the whoe thing was ludicrous and meaningless in a society that is falling apart and where I spend a good portion of my time trying to help people that want to kill themselves, or trying to justify my own plans which will really start to take off if my mom dies.

    For more fun and mental stimulation, I might not pay the fine, nor appear in court and see what that involves. Might be interesting...could end up in a high speed chase where, via my cell phone I can explain to the world that it was the cell phone ticket that sent me down this road and then kill myself on national tv (it's delayed, but everyone would soon know) and blame the cops for pushing me over the last words, a very tearful refrain of "I tried to tell that officer, but her wouldn't listen (sob, sob, sob) and he looked at me as if I werew just another's's over!!


    ANCHORWOMAN: "Details of the TRAGIC final moments and video of the car going off the cliff at 11:00"

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  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    Ooh shades ....that was thought provoking.
    I've had a few people nearly wipe me out when they've been driving with their phone to their ear...It's dangerous.
    I hope you're really just joking about the cliff thing....*hug*
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