Got a MEAN comment today...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by lamb, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. lamb

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    today was feeling pretty ok about my looks, nothing special. then i sit down and talk to my bitchy sister and she says

    "one day i will fix ur looks. my friend said that if u just fixed urself u would look really beautiful"

    what the fuck is that?! everyday, 24/7, all im doing is trying to look better. i surf on the internet for ways to look better, i spend all my money on things to make me look better, i eat certain things to look better, i dont eat certain things to look better, i exercise to look better, i do EVERYTHING i fucking can to look better. but she says "if i JUST fixed myself". i was almost getting over this thing. i started to believe i was actually not so ugly. but i was fooling myself the whole time. i will never forget it. omg. im really gonna cry over this. one little sentence fucked up my whole view of myself.
  2. neon666

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    i know EXACTLY how u felt
    in 6th grade i was 2 hairy
    in 7th my boobs were 2 pointy
    by 8th my cheeks were too fat
    and by 9th my nose had a bump on it and was apperently 2 big!
    all taht i got made fun of for
    i know sumthing that will RLY help u tho
    its a play called the good body
    it helped me 4 sure
    its by even ensler (i think i spelled that right)
    well anyways...look her up!
  3. xan

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    I've never been hppy with the way I look and don't think i ever really will be. But it's strange, no matter how much people will tell you how good you look, which i'm sure you do if you're paying that much attention to yourself, we never really believe them. Just assume that they are lying or being nice... but one comment that is negative and suddenly it's the truth about how everyone sees us... odd.
  4. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    yeah I have weight problems. Ive been teased and insulted since 6 grade. I know how you feel. Now I just usualy wear all black, Its just a way to say dont judge me cause I dont give a fuck.