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Got a problem

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I feel I'm having a few social problems. I feel like I'm losing my best friend.

I only have one true friend at school that has been with me since Grade/Year 7 (whatever you want to call it), but we always fight, but then we always remain so close and work it out. We then become so close to each other then ever before, and remain happy. Others are just 'acquaintances', as i like to call them, meaning they aren't really my friends, but I always get along with them at school. But these 'acquaintances' are with different friendship groups. I'm so incredibly shy, but I have stuck with this one friend that has been with me, and always brings out my TRUE character whenever we go out and do stuff together with other social events (like going to the movies). Because I'm so shy, people see me as awkward and weird, but with this friend (along with his other friends), they see me as one funny, awesome guy.

So the problem is, he is mad at me, cause I wasnt supportive enough when his grandfather recently passed away, which it is definitly not true. From all the fighting we had before, he thinks I'm 'full of ****' and has subtly ended our friendship. I'm so scared and sad, that I need help. I don't want to agree with him, as it is our last year probably together, and I don't want to end it this year.

Please, I really need help. If this really does not go here, is there any other help sites I can access? Please and thank you.
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Hun i am sorry your friend is probably still very much in pain and hurting inside so is striking out at the people he can . Try writing a letter to your friend saying what you said here hun how impt your friendship is to you and that you do not want it to end so badly. Asking him;her how you can support him;her now I do hope the letter helps your friend see how much you do value his or her friendship and you can reconcile so to speak Written word can be very helpful try it okay send friend a letter hugs


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I can tell he means the world to you, and I like TE's suggestions. Any contact with him to try to get on better terms is worth a try I think.. writing letters, meeting face-to-face (even if that's a little intimidating - I can understand that, being a shy guy myself)... the list goes on. Whatever happens, good luck with this relationship. As for your question about help sites, I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with any others to provide any input on that subject. Have a great day, and it is nice to meet you and welcome you to the forums here.


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Hi and welcome...I hope you can talk to him and let him know what he means to you...I think when we go through something that tragic, such as losing a loved one, we want the other people to take away our pain, and may not be realistic as to what others can do...I know I have felt this about my friends recently, as I have become more dependent upon people, and when I need something and they are not there (how dare them have lives too!), I am frustrated...hope this works out with him...welcome again, and please continue to let us know how you are doing
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