Got blocked on FB by someone I considered my best friend and can't figure out for the life of me why

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    I am fucking confused and kind of hurt. I talked to this girl several months ago the last time, and I looked at our last conversation several times trying to find what I possibly could have said wrong, but didn't find a damn thing because she seemed all happy and smiles when we talked. And then all of a sudden the next day, her profile disappears. At first I thought she deleted it and she has an abusive boyfriend so I thought maybe he made her do it, or she seriously got hurt somehow and I was worried. I kept e-mailing her day after day trying to figure out what happened and nothing. And now I see a mutual friend referencing her in a post and I thought I decided to make another FB account real quick and check to see if her profile is there, and it was. So honestly, I'm completely befuddled here. She has Borderline Personality like I do, so I know it's easy for her to take something the wrong way or get offended but again, I seriously have no idea what I could have said that might have done that. And I don't make friends easily either, at least not ones that I talk to every day, and yet I did with her and she became one of my favorite people in the matter of a couple of weeks and we told everything to each other. And now this. I don't get it. I asked that other friend who referenced her in the post I saw to ask her what the hell I did, but somehow I doubt that's going to give me my answer. This is exactly why I hate having friends. They all leave eventually. Don't even know why I bothered really.
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    Asphyxiate, I am sorry, I never have had A FB account, I do however know how important they can be sometimes, I had someone do that to me recently as well except on a different format, Talked to them daily, some times several times a day since last may, I felt the same way that you do I believe. I never had any indication there was a problem, I was talking to them and I knew they were talking to someone else at the same time, they just deleted me, that was it, I do not have "Friends" on the internet, I have people I know or talk to, this person , I talked to is now to all I can tell dead, at least to me I right now can not even mourn them, that is how I feel.

    It may or may not be true in your case but I believe you were lonely, alone or felt neglected, that is not a nice thing to feel or to actually be, no matter what the cause or reason, to me it does not matter why, maybe it should it should but it doesn't any longer.
    I cannot control other peoples thoughts or reasons, I don't have to, the only one I can control and maybe control is not the right word but it is the closest to what I mean! I am getting upset now thinking about them, but it will not make anything I have to put that away for now, I and others as you should know will be and are here for you, be easy on yourself, it might have nothing to do with you at all. One day at a time and try to go slow! Someone will be here for you!
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    AsphyxiateOnWords If you're 555, then I'm 666.

    It just pisses me off that she can't even tell me why or what I did. I might do that to someone I don't know that well if I decide I don't like them, but not somebody I talked to on a daily basis and told everything about myself to. It just doesn't make any sense and it makes me feel like there's something seriously wrong with me that I'm not seeing/understanding to make people want to leave. I know my husband talked to her a few times and pissed her off before cause I told him her boyfriend abused her and he was trying to tell her to leave...but my husband let's just say has a way with the sense that he's very blunt and kind of insensitive at times. He sure as hell pisses me off on a regular basis, so I can imagine some of the things he said upsetting her, but that was like a couple weeks before she blocked me and I apologized for him if he offended her in any way and told her that I know he can be very insensitive. So if it was that, I don't see why she'd be mad at me. And with me in particular, she's never acted annoyed with anything I've said to her. I know I scared her a couple times perhaps cause I decided to get high the one day even though she tried to talk me out of it, and wasn't online and she knew why, but that, too, was long before she disappeared on me. So, like I said, it's absolutely befuddling. And just makes me not want to bother to ever get close to anyone ever again in the friend department.