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Got in a fight

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by PyRoK, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. PyRoK

    PyRoK Member

    I got into a fight this weekend. I lost. Now my friends have disbanned me from there little "clik." I have no choice but to fight him again but I don't want too. If I don't fight him then people will think I'm a wuss. I not really sure what to do.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    What a hard choice, and had to make a similar one myself when i was younger...just don't get in trouble over feeling like you have to settle a score...and you seem very strong to me...big hugs
  3. Raiden

    Raiden Guest

    I wouldn't really call them "friends" if they want you to prove yourself, but here are some tips
    1)try to give him a hard chop in the neck, it should take him out
    2)if he try's to start the fight by pushing you, throw an elbow at him
    3)aim to him him around his side's, it will take his air away
    4)Put a protector on, in case he try's to hit you there(disregard this if you are a girl)
    5)aim generally for his sides, nose, and neck, cover yourself, and be calm, wait for you're chance to strike, if you know some judo the grab him and slam him against the floor, finish him with a good kick to the side

    Good Luck :wink:
  4. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    Sometimes, fighting is a last resort that you have to resort to. But, I'll give you my advice: Only fight him if you know you can win. I don't encourage or discourage fighting, it's necessarry sometimes. Here are my tips on fighting, since this sounds like something you have to do...
    1. Strike above the neck and in the ribs.
    2. Don't bother kicking unless you can hit him in the head.
    3. Only throw a punches at his gut, ribs, neck, and face(preferably the nose or eyes). Anywhere else probably won't affect him if you don't know how to properly punch.
    4. Put him on the ground as soon as you can and once he's there, kick his head, ribs, and nose. This will take him out.
    5. Palm strikes are VERY effective. Use your palm and slam his head; this will disorient him greatly and also hurt his neck if hit strongly enough.

    Best of luck... but, those friends of yours don't sound worth fighting for.
  5. SmilePretty

    SmilePretty Staff Alumni

    take your the palm of your and and shove his nose into his brain...something that i have always wanted to attempt lol
  6. TheAngelOfMusicalDeath

    TheAngelOfMusicalDeath Active Member

    First of all, if your friends aren't willing to accept that you lost in a fight? Then screw them, they arent very good friends now are they? And second of all, just take a baseball bat to the fuckers throat. 's what i think.. Well what i think right now
  7. username1

    username1 Member

    Tuff situation, i had troubles in school to, mostly in myself so i dropped out...

    Can i ask, you say "fight them", is it all against you? Or is it taking turns? Cause when 2 have had a fight a watcher pumped up with adrenalin joining one that allready fought.

    Thats not fear.

    Dont fight them, iv been in a situation where i had to fight, i shoose not to. If you keep saying no and no, eventually they will get bored trust me i know, iv been there.

    refuse to fight them. will you be a wuse? Yes you will.
    But there is no good or bad, only bad and worse, choose bad.
  8. SeemsPerfect

    SeemsPerfect Guest

    Been there. And you know what? It opened my eyes to what a REAL FRIEND is. Last year I served in Iraq as a Military Police officer, I've boxed for 6 years and I now train in Maui Thai and I've learned 2 things as a result:

    1) The toughest guys out there have been in your same shoes. Many of them realized that losing the fight was the best thing to ever happen to them b/c it made them realize the dark path down which they were headed.


    2) The "rematch" isn't worth it b/c even if you win, what would you have really won? Faux-friends - the ones you can't help but wonder what it will take for them to turn their backs on you...again.

    God bless ya' man. I feel for you, I really do. But you don't have to prove anything to anyone. You're already a stronger person than all those involved in the situation.
  9. hermit

    hermit New Member

    Simply not fight again
    ppl wo are friends with others because of their strenght are not real friends.
    back when iwas in high school iused to fight alot ppl were always around me acting like they were my friends once we finished high school none of them stayed in touch with me .
  10. BrooklynRider

    BrooklynRider Well-Known Member

    Fighting, like war, is a loser's game. If you want to prove you are stronger, walk away. Years from now, you'll be more proud of yourself for having the self-control.

    Oh, and those folks you calll "friends" aren't. Friends would be trying to stop you from getting hurt. It's a brutal world we live in. Don't contribute to it.

    Strength comes from being confident in who you are. You are here trying to take care of yourself. You are not only strong. You are smart and powerful. Angry, abused, scared people fight. They are trying to prove THEIR worth. Ignore them and you deny them of the forum or satisfaction.
  11. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Good lord. This post has really taken a violent turn. Try most of those things that were mentioned and you could wind up in jail for quite some time. Also, a palm strike to the temple could kill someone, so I wouldn't try it. You should never fight unless there is no other alternative, if your life is in danger, for example. Your friends are assholes. Get new ones.
  12. run4fun

    run4fun Well-Known Member

    i almost got into a fight during college. i'm glad that i didn't because i would have been expelled. with a record you would not be eligible for certain jobs. i don't think you have classy friends. and i don't think fighting is something worth doing.
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