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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by kcinva, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. kcinva

    kcinva Active Member

    Yesterday morning I woke up in an especially depressed state. I called the clinic where I go and my regular counselor was busy so I had to go with a "crisis" counselor.
    So I go down to talk to her and I end up being handcuffed and leg shackled and hauled off to the regional mental health hospital. I was in a terrible emotional state and I guess I made some remarks about my feelings that I was wondering if life was worth living. I had told her I had never made any suiced attempts and wasnt thinking about suicide. So despite this she thinks I am "suicidal", when all I wanted was someone to talk to.
    So the sheriff chains me up like a terrorist or something and takes me to the about 15 minutes the psychiatrist determines that I am NOT suicidal but since they got a temporary court order I had to wait till today to go to court and get dismissed.
    What an ordeal...all the staff treated me like shit...and they would only give you a 5 minute smoke break every 8 hours. Nothing to do and no one to talk to..the other people in the same ward as I was were all severely mentally handicapped and I couldnt sleep as they woke me up several times during the night to monitor my blood pressure and all that.
    No one asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital...they just called the cops and sent me off..the whole ordeal was a nightmare and the "Staff" was the most unsympathetic, condescending people I have ever seen. The last 36 hours have been a nightmare and I am happy as hell to be home.
    I will never be truthful or trust any kind of therapist ever again. And I STILL havent talked to anyone about the things that were bothering me in the first place. I wil still see a therpaist but I wil be forced to manipulate them as honesty gets you in trouble. I was treated like a dog and I am pissed off but oh so grateful to be back home...
  2. Tatara

    Tatara Active Member

    Thats very strange. I got sent to the hospital once myself because "I had a plan". They seem to measure suicide in two ways "Passive" and "Active". If you have a plan and have the resources to go through with it you are deemed "Active" and are sent to a hospital psych ward. If you are Passive (no plan or no way of activating your plan) they normally don't go to that extent.

    I've talked about all sorts of things with my psychiatrist, including wanting to feel the pain, the poems I've wrote about suicide, even murderous thoughts! None get me commited until I have a plan and a way of doing it.

    I'm sorry to hear all you've been through, I'm sure your bed has never felt so good to sleep on :)
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Good grief, what an ordeal!

    Me thinks your crisis therapist has one or two issues of their own.

    Please don't start thinking that all of them are arseholes, my shrink of 4 years was a wonderful person and helped me more than I ever thought possible. You'll know the one you can trust with time and when you have built a good relationship with them.

    Glad your home safe and sound.

    As to the issues that precipitated the crisis, you can always sound off on here.
  4. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    Yeah =) we'd like it if you told us what you wanted to talk about, maybe we can help you with it a bit
  5. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni

    sounds like something is not right... i would talk to my regular shrink and find out what is going on... maybe the crisis shrink needs to be written up.... i have never heard of someone being shackled.... were you violent...
  6. kcinva

    kcinva Active Member

    no I was not is just standard procedure according to regular therapist told me that since I was committed I will now qualify for medication assistance...well guess what? WRONG...the psychiatrist they sent me to today told me I was not eliglbe for assistance...only if I was committed permanantely.....

    they will spend thousands of dollars to send someone to prison for smoking grass but the dirty SOBS won't help out someone who really needs sucks...this country is going to hell...I jus hate life...
  7. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    That's sad it has to be that way, I am sorry but I'd go to SRS or social security...and tell them all that's going on.....and some companies will asist you with medication by there sapmles, you just have to get a psyciatrist to sign that they want you on that certain medicine....


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  8. Blank with Empty

    Blank with Empty Well-Known Member

    Wow I am surprized I never got commited. I had a counsuler for a while and they knew I had tried to commit suicide. I guess I missed their radar but how?

    Meds can help if the doc kowns what their doing try to get some they helped me.
  9. amicus

    amicus Antiquitie's Friend

    Hate to hear your ordeal. I know what you are talking about. I too have been handcuffed and tied to a bed a few times. I was even chased out of my shrinks office by all of her staff to be committed only for drinking. They didn't catch me, but sent the police after me. I was smarter by then and left the county. They can't get you out of the county here in the states. You can sign a AMA (against medical advice) and they must release you in 72 hours unless you are formally committed. I have never told a shrink the truth. I manipulate them only for my meds. It's sad, but true. I hope you find a good doctor. I hear they do exist. Good luck.
  10. kcinva

    kcinva Active Member

    Well the problem is also some of these doctors are even crazier than their patients..they wouldnt even let me have my CHAPSTICK without the doctors orders..and these nurses at this place were VERY rude....I had my court date and they wouldnt let me have a razor so I could shave for my court date...the "rules" said no razors after 10 am...I asked about a razor at about 10:01 AM...had I known about this rule I would have asked earlier...the nurse got real snotty with me and I told her I better get my razor because if I didnt they would be getting a hell of a lawsuit and her name would be at the top of the list....I got my
    I have some problems....assertiveness is not one of
    And to anyone who reads this remember YOU HAVE RIGHTS...dont let anyone in the "system" push you around...
    I never had one nurse come talk to me and ask me how I was doing or anything..I feel sorry for those people that cant get out of those places...
    I have been in other hospitals however where I was treated really good so don't let my bad experience keep you from getting help if you need it...just remember that you dont have to be treated like a dog...
  11. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds as if something went teribly wrong to me as well. That is not the way you are treated where I live. You would not be shackled at all. I was asked to voluntarily go. If I rfused then I would have to be handcuffed and transported, never shackled. And unless you are a danger to yourself, they don't even take those measures. Please don't lump all therapists or pdocs into the same category based on that experience. As in any profession, there are very good ones, and some that aren't. You need to continue to be honest when you talk to your therapist. It is the only way they can truly help you. Again, I am sorry for the way you were treated. The experience must have been horrible.
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