Got rejected today by social security :(

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  1. dax

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    Well I filed in mid April for social security disability and received my rejection letter today. It was quick that they "reviewed" my case. It just seems more like they gave the automatic rejection and didnt bother to look into my case at all. Looks like I'll be needing a lawyer, something I was hoping wasn't needed. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to chime in. Thanks
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    Hi, dax. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Where I live, it's very common for people to be rejected on the first application for disability from the government. It seems really mean when they are hassling people who are already struggling.

    As for suggestions...I'm afraid I don't have much to offer. Do you absolutely need a lawyer to appeal their their decision or could your doctor/therapist help you out? If you do need a lawyer, could you get legal aid (low fee or no fee legal help available sometimes for people with low or no income)?

    Keep us posted. I'm hoping that things work out for you!
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    I think you should try again or appeal their decision. My sister had the same thing happen to her and the second time she tried to get it it was approved . She didn't have a lawyer .
  4. DrownedFishOnFire

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    They pay attention to the appeal more so maybe that would help your cause.
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    Near everybody gets rejected initially - unless you have one of 24 listed conditions and medical records to verify the exact start date of the illness you have to get rejected.

    I used an excellent national attorney office that did absolutely everything on my case (I literally never did a thing but answer the phone when they called and signed and returned the power of attorney forms at the beginning) that got my start date of disability way before i was told by social security office i could even ask to qualify for. In fact, virtually all the information from the social security office and online about start dates for qualifications and documents was actually wrong as the forms i completed with the help of social security were completely different than they did - and more importantly theirs won and was awarded in 7 months (even though all the way to appeal judge which was supposed to take 18 months) and mine was denied in 6 weeks, and they got a start date and a full 12 months more back pay then social security told me i could even apply for (and yes, was actually still working after the "start date" of my SS eligible date determination.

    Feel free to PM if you want a phone number/ website to call and look into. Compared to the nightmare some people i know that used a "local" attorney and had to go down to office numerous times and were being sent to get own med records and stuff, this place was far easier and they actually di everything instead of just collecting the legally mandated fee for service.
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    That's rough. My family member is in that position too. She had someone who is already in the system chime in. No luck yet, but, it can take time. Just keep at it.
  7. sudut

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    sounds like a good idea to me. give it a try.