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    giving me a hard time, because of my suicidal thoughts and plans and a fear for my children at times I did think I should take them with me, though not now.My gp and pdoc contacted social services voicing their concern on the girls well being..We are now about 8 weeks down the line and I havent harmed them in any way nor never would. But they are continuing with the process and this coming week are convening a child protection conference. Yesterday I had my usual social worker here and he brought his senior with him, I was getting hassle because one of the children werent here. She was staying with her gran to give me a rest. Thats classed as hindering their investigation, they only phoned me late Thursday to make the arrangements and by that point she was away..I honestly wasnt being difficult but they dont see it like that..Before they arrived I had just signed in here and hadnt closed the site down, all they could see was headings but they ranted and raved about me being on such a site with children in the house..Feel like Im never going to come out looking good with them. Am so stressed and uptight about the whole thing and dont really know how Ill manage to get through to Thursday
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    Dear Clouds,
    Social workers focus on the kids. And you are also concerned for your children. So you have that common interest even though you have different perspectives. You are depressed and writing about it is a very sensible thing to do but unfortunately social workers will jump to wrong conclusion when they glimpse site and they panic. The calmer you can keep the better. You mentioned their gran - I presume tht is your mother . So maybe you can count her as on your side. Ideally you should have some person to help you put your case. Tell your social worker that you understand that she is concerned for your children's safety and you agree that your children's safety has to be the main concern. But your children need a mother. So your health and state of mind also need to be considered so you need them to be responsive to your feelings and concerns so that there can be cooperation in working out the situation. Keep your voice soft and quiet and listen to them and look at them even if they rant and rave. Itf you can do that you may turn the situation round in your favour.