gotta love life?

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    Well i sit here in my room crying, smoking pot and possibly gonna be drinking all of this beer!!!!

    My roomate, some old guy, well he kicked my other roomate out cause she wasn't on the lease...the other female roomate i had moved this is what's going down...

    I'm paying 800$ for rent and i'm pretty sure that next month, the old dude is gonna have 2 of his friends come and move in here. I'm gonna feel trapped, i'm gonna feel alone, i'm gonna go crazy!!!!!!

    There are so many reasons for me to kill this bastard right now

    I'm gonna feel trapped in my own home!!! i don't know these ppl, what if they steal from me...i have no money to move out...

    Why am i sitting here ranting to you guys?

    oh ya, cause you guys listen, tried calling my family and no one would answer and they all have different phones...

    i can't get in to chat either and i really need it...i'm scared of what will happen tonight, i'm scared of what will happen tomorrow...
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    BIG :hug:
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    I'm sorry for your situation right now. Can you get a dead-bolt for your room & lock your stuff up safely?