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  1. Bob26003

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    US Army Might Break Goodyear Strike


    I am starting this thread to discuss the Governments role in the economy.

    What responsibilities do the Gov. have to ensure a decent standard of living for all?

    Should this be a duty of Gov., or should it be survival of the fittest?

    What is your belief, and what should be done?
  2. I am trying to familiarize myself with this fairly complex issue. I believe the Taft-Hartley Act was a later response to the The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 ( The Wagner Act ). I believe the Wagner Act was some of the first federal legislation that basically legitimized union activites and provided them with a legal standing in the eyes of the law. It was, by design, a pro-labor piece of legislation.

    The Taft-Hartley Act was an attempt by Republicans during the Truman admistration to weaken the advantages to organized labor given to them by the Wagner Act. The THA was passed over Truman's veto, in fact.

    I am still trying to absorb the details ( my anxiety causes me to have problems with comprehension and recall, in other words, being nervous all the time makes me stupid !! )

    At first blush though, enforcement of the THA sounds like an example of :whip: forced labor ? Shades of Joseph Stalin.
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    Bob, can I recommend It is a site that thrives on politics, government, conspiracy etc. I am not being a smart mouth. It is actually a pretty reliable site with some interesting and good material. I think you would enjoy debating on that site and have more of an audience than debating politics on a suicide site. Just a thought. Take care.
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    That is why it is posted in the soapbox section fella
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    hehe :p
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    I am a girl last time I checked. Seems like the only posting you are doing is political. You do know this is a depression and suicide site right? :tongue:
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    I think the Governments job is to take care of everyone in society, and ESPECIALLY those who are poor and 'at the bottom'.

    Cristo Vive!
    - Tomasz
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