Government shutdown = "pathetic" media blackout

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    There is no more news. Granted, a partial gobernment shitdown is important, let's not get completely distracted. Only the partial shutdown, and some tabloid stories about terrorized celebrities, etc keeping people in fear and ignorance, is what the top mainstream news is today in America.

    Meanwhile, the following happened:

    -Russian embassy in Libya attacked
    -1,000 People killed in Iraq violence in September alone, UN report
    -Israeli prime minister met with Obama at the white house for an increase in aid
    -Iranian cyberwarfare commander was assassinated
    -Radiation from Fukushima Japan nuclear reactor meltdown to spread across western US states next year
    -Comet ISON burned out, not nearly as bright as expected earlier this year
    -Not one hurricane for the US yet as of October, season ends November 1
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