Grades Much?

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    Ok well IT began when I was pressured to do school work, grab awards etc. I came to close to topping/ topped classes back in High school.... Now I've moved on to college HOWEVER, I've lost that motivation to study and do well. My grades have dropped, i have potential but i can't unlock it. I miss my pressured days come to think of it. I NEED MOTIVATION FOR SCHOOL WORK any ideas? I'm lazy, I procrastinate, yes.. I'm stuck in that mode and I'm in one of those rare moments where realise I need to change. In an hours time I'll probably forget about wanting to change... I need motivation... help?
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    Do you know why you have lost that motivation? Do you like college, and the classes you are in? Perhaps you'd benefit from talking to a tutor and/or a parent. As time goes on, if you keep this to yourself and continue to fight with motivation, your grades are going to keep slipping. It doesn't need to happen, if you're not happy, things can be changed. :hug:
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    Personally I hate grades and I hate that we've become a society where we think school actually makes you smarter.

    Grades are just an arbitrary way to supposedly measure how well you know something. Problem is these are usually evaluated in high pressure situations that test memory and not ability to actually understand. Some people can't test worth crap but just talk to them or ask them a question in everyday situations and they do perfectly fine. Meanwhile I know people who can ace a test but give them a situation that isn't textbook in design and they're completely screwed. So don't get too frustrated yet.

    Remember that a grade doesn't define who you are.

    Now as for what to do to become more motivated, try setting up a reward system. If you do so much work, you get so much free time. Or if you get a good mark, treat yourself to a gift. Just remember to keep what your abilities are in mind.

    I am in university and my study habits are very different from most. I procrastinate a lot, but when I do study, I'm more efficient and guess what questions will be better, so I plan around that.

    So good luck and hope things work out.
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    whatcha studying? You can always start over and start studying something else. Also there are other fields to succeed in besides academics, although degrees are important. But anyway you slice it, there's no point in trying to succeed at something you're not intrested in. Besides, you don't have to top your class in order to 'succeed', perhaps if you pursued a hobby or passtime other than studying it would balance you out and give you energy for harder stuff.
  5. Yeah pretty much I've been there. I worked really hard in high school I knew I had my parents on me constantly wanting me to get into a good college, to have chances that they didn't have.

    My first year at school, notably my first couple of quarters, was kind of a disaster. I was stuck in a lot of general ed classes that I did not care for, and just ended up being incredibly lazy, hell I didn't even buy all the text books that I needed. The thing is you have to learn to self motivate because people aren't going to be looking over your shoulder the rest of your life and telling you to get a move on

    I kind of learned my lesson after that and made sure as long as I was taking GE to mix in a few classes that I might find interesting even if they didn't really fulfill something I needed. For instance I took a course on comparative Judaism and Christian histories that I really loved, but didn't actually need. Once you have a course that you do get excited about it's easier to get yourself motivated. try to fit in a course or two just for yourself amid all those required courses that might be getting you down. And it's never to late to consider another major :smile:
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    All that I can say is that college is not the same a high school. How the hell cars if you were top of your class. If you pass you get the same piece of paper.

    Mainly in college it is all about you and what you can do.

    Take some class that are more hands on and less emphais on comprehention. Just regurgitaing fact can not compare with common-sense in short.