Posting today because i feel so stupid and unintelligent. All my grades are trash and my motivation to try in school and in life has vanished. I wish I was smart and motivated. What’s funny Is that In middle school i had an eating disorder, and I know this wasn’t good, but I was considered extremely smart at that time and I felt organized and in control of my academics. It felt good. Now my eating disorder is gone, and it took my determination to try in school and my intelligence with it. I now feel lazy and stupid, I procrastinate on the daily, and I never have determination to do anyrtjkng. Why am I so dumb? Why couldn’t I had been smarter. The idea of working hard seems so appealing, but I can never organized myself or get myself to want to try. Love feeling like a lazy burden to my parents and those around me :/


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It would seem that if you're not motivated to try hard in school that the grades would kinda plummet at the same time, right? One leads to the other. Have you talked with the parents about how you're feeling or anything? The longer you feel crappy the harder it is to not feel that way.


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I agree with to your parents about how you're feeling, or if you can't maybe a school counsellor could help? If you did so well before, it's definitely not your intelligence in question. Depression can make you have feelings like this about yourself. Perhaps either your parents or a school counsellor could get you into some kind of therapy to help, and if you're behind at school, maybe your parents or the school could help getting you a tutor until you're back up to speed. Hang in there. I know it's hard, but there is help out there.


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Im not sure where abouts you are and the rules for school, I know I have a different view on school and grades but maybe school just isnt for you, some people thrive at school and can retain all that is taught, others can only seem to do practical learning and that way is what helps soak all the details in.
My Children (3) have all had different schooling to each other. My daughter did really well at school and learned well she went all through school. My middle one he made it to 16 didnt pass all his exams but sat them he didnt want to go on and resit. We never pushed him and he is working now (nearly 17) and he is doing very well. My youngest (13) didnt like school at all, he couldnt cope at all and wasnt learning so we home educate him and he can go to college next school year for 2 days if he wants. We have said grades arent everything, happiness is. He can go through apprenticeships if he needs extra.

Please talk to someone who can help you. There are things out there that can help you. Once you can feel better about yourself you will find more will sink in and be retained.
Are you struggling with the level you are working at?

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