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  1. always happens... so yeah he may have smoked too much but why him... he was the father i never had. we had 6 months with him before he died of throat cancer...some people believe in god and things like that but i dont...i cant, if god existed then why does he take the people we love away..i hate him for leaving us but i never got to say i loved him and how much he meant to me and now i cant tell him because he's gone...somedays i wish he was here because he could help, he's been gone nearly two years but its still strange not to have him around, i'd give anything just to feel his tight hugs again... to have him close and tell me everything will be okay when i know it wont but just to hear him say that will make things better :[ you can ignore me but i just needed to vent :[ no one ever asks me how i'm coping, so i really dont matter... ugh i hate this :[
    i miss you grandad...<3333:sad:
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    Not to be preching, on you, but God does exist.. It's hard to explain, but God only puts us through what he feels we can handle.. He gives us pain, to feel.. He gives us people to love us... He does things for reasons we can't see.. but it is clearer to us later on...

    sorry about your grandad<3
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    I'm sorry to hear of your grandad I lost my gran to cancer to and still miss her and always will. And I'm watching my mum get worse every day from this horrible disease and know that she will also die from cancer. I know how your feeling and I just wanted to send you some :hug:
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    I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. I lost my grandmother, grandfather, two uncles, and my father to cancer and soon my aunt will join them. I know the pain it brings. No one knows why people get diseases and die when they do, or why accidents happen, but it is all a part of life's process. All life comes to an end eventually. When it happens we always question why that person. My grandmother used to answer that question with "Why not them"? I never had a good answer to either question.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. :( :hug:
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    Im so sorry for your loss hun :hug: PM me if you need to talk!
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my nan to lung cancer in June 2007 so I feel a little of what you are saying.

    I wish I had the words to make it better for you :sad:

    Please feel free to PM me anytime, and carry on venting if it helps you :hug:
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    I'm sorry to hear of your loss :hug: Take care of yourself and, importantly, take time to mourn, it's important for you to move on. Am here if ever you need to talk.