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    i miss my grandad so so much its been nearly 2years since he passed away i never said goodbye coz i didnt want to let go he was like a dad to me he provided for my family my dad spent most of the money on booze and smokes not leaving enough money for food and the bills when our car got reposed my grandad gave us his car, he was the 1st one there when dad walked out on us he was the best. mum told me once he was babysitting me when i was younger and mum came home and i had got him playing barbie dolls :) i really wish he was still here i miss him so much i had more than enough chances to say goodbye but i could never bring myself to say goodbye i love him so much and i miss him SO SO SO much :(
    RIP grandad i will always love you!
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    He knows you love him He would want you to full of joy and happiness He is still with you in your heart in you thoughts. Think of the joy now he brought you. Plant a beautiful tree in his name He will always be t here for you.