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  1. Fluffypingu

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    HAPPY BDAY grandad i love you so much i cannot bleave you have gone its not right and doesnt seem right that u lost your life after the docs said they would save you i love you loads i really miss you i am struggling today its been a real bad few days i really am struggling i dont think i can do this anymore please help me pleasee i beg you i love you always
  2. total eclipse

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    Aimee sorry you are missing you grandad so much now He is with you he is inside you your heart. Maybe trying doing something that use to make your grandad so happy. I know he would want you to be full of joy this time of year
    Hugs okay hope you can reach out to others around you okay for support as well It helps to be with others who understand.
  3. sudut

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    I am sorry to hear your granddad went to be w/t The LORD. it will happen to all of us and i know you will see him again.
  4. Fluffypingu

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    i cant do this i really cant grandad please let me be with you its all too much i havent slept not eaten not left the house i just cant take nomore please i love you so much just come back to me please
  5. IV2010

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    my deepest sympathy amiee..your grandad would not want you to follow him..
    you have so much life still left to live..
    live it in his honour *hug*
  6. Fluffypingu

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    saying goodbye is never easy especially to a grandad you cherish so much. saying goodbye is very painfull especially for a grandad that was so dearly loved
    you were like a light, shining in the world, and you inspired and touched the lives of those in your family. you were a precious treasure that brought so much joy a special grandad that was one in a million.
    you are too special to be forgotten and too priceless to be ever replaced forever you will live in my heart, and not die my memories of you could never fade away you were the best grandad anyone could ever have. rest in peace forever dearest grandad ​

    love you always