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I lost my grandma when I was 5. Here it's 12, almost 13 years later, and I still haven't been able to come to terms with it yet. She passed away from cancer, it originated in her stomach, and spread. The main cause was tumors in her brain, I think. I remember the day she passed away so clearly... I think it was the main cause for all my suicidal thoughts and actions, and also my depression. I think that was the starting point. Cause no less then 2-3 years later, I was cutting myself and wanting to die. I wanted to be with her. I have no idea what to do anymore....


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I lost my grandfather when I was three, many years ago, and I still miss him today...I think one of the best ways to cope with a loss like this is to live in the person's memory...my grandfather was a dancer, and until I got ill, I danced at least twice a week, taking lessons and performing up to a yr ago...he would have loved hip-hop, I am sure...maybe there is something about your grandmother you can do to keep her in your heart in a way that better serves your life...big hugs and with great understanding, J


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I dont think it matters when you lost your grandmother as long as you spent time with her. I lost mine a long time ago and I still think of her quite often, she was very special to me as yours was to you.
Just keep those memories.


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Grandmothers are very special, but they are also wise and would always tell us to make the best of life - to stand up for ourselves and not to marry an idiot!

I miss the practical advice and, lets face it, being spoilt. Always a nice cake, nice food, even though my grandmother was not wealthy.

We should honour our loved ones by living how they would want us to live and obviously to seek help if we get depression.

Make sure you have a photo on your wall of those you loved no longer with you. Make a little 'alter' or shrine. You can light a candle from time to time and pray.

Try to be a light for others as your loved ones were to you.

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