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    Hi there,

    Grandparents are quite influential people especially to their grandkids... Mine were more of saviors.... They always got me out of a sticky situation. i will always love and miss them. It will be year six next week that my grandparents have been gone. I miss them every day and wish they could be here to help me with the tough times I am going thru right now... I don't think I will ever understand why both of them had to pass away with in days of each other. So much life and love is gone. I really had wanted them to see me graduate college. Ha... That was a very disappointing day in my life thanks to my family. I wish things were different and at least one of them were still around to make me feel better. I truly miss these two amazing people. They will always be amazing influences in my life.
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    Ditto: Mine were great as well and I lost 4 over a period of several years. One of the roughest times of my life. I think I began to self destruct after the last, my grandmother on my mother's side, passed away suddenly.

    When you receive more love from your grandparents than your parents, losing them can be devastating. So I turned it around and began an outpouring of love towards my nieces and nephews (I don't have a family of my own).

    Remember the good times, it sounds like you had many.
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    They sound like truly amazing people, and I'm sure they are happy that their memories will always be lived on. They will always be in your heart. They probably went in days with eachother, because the mourning became too much for the other partner... but they are together now, resting in peace, and wouldn't want you to be upset at all.
    I'm sorry for your loss
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    Grandparents are like my parents. They help me in my all problems.They always teach me, face the problems like a strong boy. I really miss them. But I know their soul's are always with me.
    Don't be upset kfunk they are always with you.
    God bless you.