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    I get very frustrated that there is no-one I can open up to properly, so it gets bottled up untill I explode. To me this is a symptom of my mental state, not a relection of who I am. Just like a runny nose is the symptom of a cold, it can't be helped, though I do try honestly.

    Anyway, my g/f believes that the best thing for me to 'get over' my depression would be for me to go away and live on my own, get a new job, find a new set of friends, get a new set of interests and build a new life for myself away from her and my son, that would prove that I was capable of coming back and having a family life with her. (Just for the record, I absolutely dread living on my own, not just because of the lonliness, but the guilt of abandoning my boy as well)

    Personally i think not getting shouted at when I'm trying to express my feelings when I've been asked to do exactly that would be better, but what do I know?

    So my stuff is in bin bags in the back of the car whilst i emabark on what I'm calling the 'Snap Out Of It Adventure'


    P.S. While I'm away I need to learn how to bury my feelings and put on a happy face for other people so as not to ruin their day with my 'moods'

    Just one of the many marvelous nuggets of advice I recieve to help me function as a 'normal' person.
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    Your gf not a professional and not good at giving advice at all. You need to stay near your son Someone that bring you joy Depression can be treated with meds and therapy that is how you get well not by running away and bottling everything up You need to find out cause of your depression be it medical or emotional Stay put get help okay
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    Starting over in a new town is tough.. You have no prospects.. No job, no friends, no place to live..I also think yoou should stay in your town so you can spend time with your son..
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    If only we could just snap out of it!!!!!
    Are you getting any support or treatment? Is there someone who could explain depression to your gf?
    Go home to your son - he needs you.
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    If that works for you, I want to be the first person you tell cause I will be headed right behind you.

    When someone has never experienced these types of feelings, its frustrating when they try and tell you what will work. Only you know what will help, if you even know now.

    Ive heard that same thing, just get over it, really helps doesnt it. Just wanted to let you know I can be an ear if you need to vent.