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    My great aunt went to bed in her home on Sunday night and slipped into a coma. She passed away this morning. I loved her so much. She was more like my grandma to me than my actual grandma. I'm going to miss how she used to "spell" things to the adults so us kids couldnt understand. And we would have to respell it correctly to the adults so they could understand. I'm going to miss the smell of all the goodies everytime you entered her home. Never a store bought cake or cookie for her. And mmmmm they were all sooooo good. I'm going to miss her quirky sense of humor and how even if you tried your damnedest to be mad about something she always made you crack even a teeny smile. I'm going to miss my aunt so very much.

    And in the same phone call I found out that my dearest Uncle, he is more a friend than an uncle is not going to make it. He is on a little get away with my aunt in Grand Forks. He started having massive seizures (he never had one before in his life) so he was rushed to the hospital. The docs there ran all the CT scans MRI's etc and cant find anything. So they are saying cancer and it's finally stages. I'm so worried that they may not of taken out health and life insurance before they left Canada for the states and this is coing to clean there retirement savings out. I'm so worried that I'm never going to see him again. He has always had a way of "undertanding" me even when my own family cant or wont. God so many special people out of my life and I need them so much. I take comfort in knowing I see them again very soon. But it still hurts to lose them. Sorry for posting but i needed to get it out.
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    that's so sad itmahanh. it sounds like you have great memories of being with them.
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    sorry for your loss. I am glad you had them in your life take care.
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear aunt.....I'm glad you told us...
    we are here for you if you need us..hugs