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    I have 4 children and hear "its not fair" all the time for the past 23 years- one gets to stay up later, one gets to go to somebody's house, one did dishes... etc... As a parent I got used to being told how things are not fair. When I was still able to work employees and staff would talk about "fair" all the time, and what is and is not fair....

    To be honest it has always since adulthood been a peeve of mine - that constant issue of "fairness" because in reality the only part of the "fair" equation being looked at most of the time is the end result being fair, and most choose to completely overlook the effort or build-up to that end result. They see somebody has something and because that person does and they do not it instantly turns into an issue of "fair" ...

    A story I read back in grade school and ran across again does a great job of pointing out the the complete inequality of "fair" and "equal" - one of my favorite short stories and worth a read if interested in a fair and equal world- Bergeron_djvu.txt

    If you prefer a slightly less dated look at fair and equal and the end result and prefer video over reading might consider tracking down a movie shared by a friend of mine on here - Idiocracy-
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    I define fairness as the concept that everything is entitled to an amount of respect for, and recognition of, their existence and their right to it. That respect and recognition is demonstrated by the way each thing is treated, and how or whether that treatment is reciprocated.

    I don't believe in having to earn respect; all things are entitled to it and it can only be lost based on treatment of others, in my opinion.
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    Many years ago i started dating a lass, she was mad into me and declared her love for me. Around this time, my best mate and me, always hanging about on our motorbikes (or death machines as freya would say) and one night he was out riding and he got hit by a car, ripped his foot clean in half, degloved the foot and pulverised his toes. Well as soon as i got the call i went to his families home, while he was in hospital i took his kids to school, fed them and looked after the household (his fiance was in bits and not much good for anything bless her.)
    He was eventually released from hospital but was bed bound in the bed we put in the living room. He needed assistance getting to the toilet and lots of bad shit. Well..... After nursing him back to health he then went and left his family, 2 kids and fiance, 2 weeks before christmas and ran away with my girlfriend..... Hows this fair?
    Me nad his ex-fiance became best friends, she found a better man, i got rid of a woman who was no good and best of all.....they married and are now miserable and hate each other :D:D:D:D
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