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  1. Just_a_guy

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    Im not really a religious person, id say i am an agnostic, but when i was a kid i heard a story that has kinda been an inspiration to me ever since. I though id share it with you. I dont remember how it exactly goes but here it is:

    Once there was very devout and religious man living in a big house on a beach. One day there was a big storm coming and everyone were told to evacuate because there would be a huge flood. The man strongly believed that God would save him because he has been such a loyal servant all his life and ignored the warnings.

    After a little while the storm grew and water rose to knee level. A lonely man came to the house and yelled to the devout man to come with him before its too late but in vain. Soon water rose so hight that the devout man had to climb the roof to escape. Another man with a large boat came and begged him to come along but still he trusted God to would save him and ignored. In an hour the water level was so hight that it would sweep the man away very soon. A helicopter came and lowered him ladders so he could escape. The man though that maybe this was God testing him and waved to the helicopter to go away. In few moments the man couldnt hold on any longer and drowned.

    As soon as the man reached Heaven he demanded to see God. He was angry and asked God why was he not saved. The God said: "Silly man, I did try to save you! I sent you warnings, a man to persuade you, a man with a boat and even a helicopter but you ignored it all."

    The lesson of the story is that God doesnt have to do miracles to save us. Sometimes help is right there before us but we just cant see it :)
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    I have heard this story many times before and each time i am reminded how often helped is turned away unknowingly. Or maybe we are refusing it because we don't want it. I guess it may be different for each of us. People can offer many things, but in the end, if we refuse to accept it, nothing can be done. Our destiny lies in our own hands.
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