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    So she told my friend, and my friend told me.
    Apparently she cheated on me with another guy for a whole year behind my back. She fucked him, did everything with him and I was just her side shit.
    No wonder she never did much with me, she was always busy cheating on me.

    That's great. Fucking great.
    It's been a week since this event, and I've been checking back and forth on her accounts and It's pretty true, she uploads new pics and shit with her bf.

    ehhhhhhh............. Thank fuck for alcohol, narcotics, and stimulants..
    2 years down the drain.. I think I hate all redheads now.
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    It might feel like its down the drain but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. Maybe take it as a life lesson learned and your next relationship would be so much better.

    Ive talked to some couples with awesome connections and most say its their psst experience that made them for who they are now.