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So yeah, i sit here for 8 hours from 6Pm to 11PM doing coursework ... then by some lack of braincells i manage to delete it all without a trace :dry:

Yeah so i had my ex going on at me by text about her wonderful life, none of my mates would pick up the phone, then the corusrwork thing happened so i managed to put my arm or fist through most of the doors and cabinets in this room :dry: and here i am now at 3:36Am re doing this corusework, althoug i swear ive broken something in my right wrist becuase all i can feel is pain and numbness ( dont ask how you feel both at the same time lol ) :rolleyes: joy of joys

Anyways figured there might be someone here to talks to , i would come in the chat but my browser doesnt like it ... probably deleted it... :dry:

oh and its cold...

(Nomisf stops moaning now :p )



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Oh dear it doesn't sound like you've been having much fun lately. Sorry to hear about the coursework.. did you manage to get it done again? I hate when computers mess up on me like that.

I wasn't around at the time when you posted this message, but just wanted to let you know that i hear you. And i can relate to the coldness.. it's snowed here today.. it's cold, but very beautiful outside :)

Hope you're doing ok and catch up on your sleep
Jenny x
Just noticed this thread got replied too :biggrin: thankies. Yeah got it done in the end - fell alseep so many times the day after though. I love the snow , tis a pretty thing indeed.


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