Green eyes

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  1. crunchie

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    It was all there
    plain as the sun on a cloudless sky
    Shining down at her
    Fingers pointing
    Voices whispering

    Heads would turn
    Greens and blues blur together
    Screams blending in with the dark silence
    All of the future erased

    Watching spring blossom in the eyes of the lovers
    Feeding off the carnal lust
    Scum, loser, *****
    Love can have many names
    His is not one

    The pain of loss
    Shrinking into the most pathetic creatures
    It was hers to give
    Not his to take

    She will never understand the logic
    The hate
    Pushing her into things
    Spreading her legs in pain

    He took it
    Leaving her broken in the waves
    Blue grass, green eyes
    Always pain
    Always hurt

    Never love
    Never knew how
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.