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    It was our senior year in high school.
    When we met in agriculture class.
    The Ag geek was permanently paired with the jock.
    You sighed and told me this was the only elective left.
    It took some time for us to warm up to each other.
    Until we talked about our lives in the green house,
    Where you learned why my flowers were called snap dragons.
    you had a good laugh when the flowers started to bite.
    And where I learned why your eyes looked so sad.
    We bonded over garden concerts,
    playing for our botanical fans.
    and celebrated when our plants sold.
    You convinced me to conquer my social anxieties.
    invited me to watch your games, meet your friends, your family.
    Then one day, somehow, two boys feel in love in that green house.
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    :thankyou: and hello
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    Thank you for sharing this - just beautiful :)
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    Well written! Thought it was cool. What happened after ?
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    I wanna know what happened next.