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Greetings Everyone

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Howdy there everyone. I am brand new here, and I want to express my appreciation for such an informative forum.

I'm a parent of a teen, and I am at my wits end. Hopefully I can get a bit of insight as to just what she is feeling and experiencing. Try as I might it just does not matter. I am ONLY a mom. I have no education regarding suicide, and I honestly can't tell her "Yes, I sure do know how you feel". By nature I am an empathetic person. I help complete strangers on the street for heaven's sake, but somehow it is soooooooooo different when it is your own child.

Thanks for the opportunity to be able to join such an organized and compassionate group of people. I'm praying I can at least gain some knowledge on what to do and not do.

Thanks, guys. If there is anything I can help with here I'll do it in a heartbeat. The very thing we want is a heartbeat, and a life for our children and our adult friends alike. Nice to meet you all.


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Hi there and a heartfelt :welcome: to this forum :)

I'm really glad that you have found us and hope that you are able to find the help, support and information that may help in your and your daughter's journey.

I look forward to seeing you around the forum.. in the meantime take good care of yourself

Jenny x


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Welcome to the forum, Bette :)

I haven't looked at your other posts yet, but a first thing would be, maybe to see if she is up for talking about what and how she's feeling (if she hasn't done so already... ).

Having someone to talk to about how I was feeling certainly took some of the weight that I was feeling off my shoulders when I was feeling suicidal last year..

I am 16, so am a teenager also, by the way :)

Anyway, as I said, welcome to the forum

Take care



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:welcome: Bette. Hope you will find some ideas about what might be going on with your daughter. I am 35, but have had problems and suicide attempts ever since i was a teen. Thank you for your offer to give others help, it is greatly appreciated. Sending caring thoughts, Beret


How sweet you guys all are.

Thank you so much. I'm certain with the insight from people as good as you all I can get US through this.

Abacus, you're right in that age bracket. I have nephews in that age bracket as well, and they all just say she's bluffing, and I should have ripped up the journal. Gotta love my boys.

Again thanks, and Beret no problem. I would help anyone on this here earth if I can. Pisces. LOL That's how we do.

As for talking with my daughter that is an every single day and night occurence. She came home from the movies one evening and sobbed in my arms. It was her first date after the boy "dumped" her she was in love with.
She uses the term dumped. I do not. It's relationships. So, the movie date went very bad, and she was a wreck. I am always here for her. If by some slim chance somthing happened and I am still in work she has my mom.

The thing now is her impulsiveness. This desperation for a boyfriend. It has it's roots I know in people leaving her. Still always we listen, and are supportive, but now she goes with her dad alot. He always had that SAD, and I can see when she comes back she's depressed.

She's not liking punishment either. She was always a loner, and reading, and studying, and she got this taste of freedom from working. Her grades stayed up. Her SAT's got her Ivy League bound, and BAM she tells me she is not going to college. See, she has a life NOW!!!!!!!

Then with the suicide over a paper for school I knew something is up. I slept on the floor next to her bed for two weeks during that. Turns out in the end even the teacher didn't care about the paper.

So, yeah alot is going on, and with the cell taken from her, and computer for homework only she ran right to her dad's. He comes back screaming he wants her THINGS. My mom has a heart attack just like my dad did on Christmas, but at least she is living. My mom helped raise my child. She has not even called my mom. Hasn't called home. I feel guilt I even alerted my ex husband about the suicide threats.

When one reads in their child's diary: Yes, dear Sylvia it will not be long until we meet. Then "I have secured the sleeping pills from "R", and now all I need is the vodka I kind of worried ya know? All cathartic she said. Just writing.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I never knew this would happen. Now I have my 69 year old mom in the hospital saying "After all these years. All these years and we won't be at her graduation". Oh, the drama of it all.
Oppss, sorry I am late. I am so happy you found this site. I hope you find every bit of insight possible, I too have had depression/self harm and suicide problems, mine started around 11. So, if you ever have any questions, or would like to talk to me about anything at all, I will do my very best to help you to understand and help your daughter. I whole-heartdly hope that I and this site/others, can indeed help you to understand what's going on with your daughter.

Try and take care of yourself too, I am here ANYTIME at all. It's nice to be able to be useful. By the way, I am so so sorry your daughter is having these problems, it's very hard to cope with the reality of the feelings, well we tend to think since we feel something bad, that it's true...but that doesn't mean it is, we tend to be hard for others without mental illness to understand. Anyway, I am blathering so, I will end this reply now, and remember I am here if you need anything.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

With hope,

PS- :welcome: !!
Welcome to the forum... reading all the posts in this thread... there isnt really anything I can say that hasnt been said already... apart from welcome from me. Hope to see you around.

:welcome: to SF Bette. As a mother of 4 teenagers, I can understand your concern. If you need someone to talk with, PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am glad you found the forum and are comfortable with asking for help. Take care. :hug:
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