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Hey people, i was feeling quite down when i desided to google suicide, and here i am:tongue: looking forward to meeting some like-minded individuals to chat to. haha, im really bad at intro threads. if anyone has intrests in spiritual developement, the occult, etc i will be more than happy to share idea's and the like.

music has always been a big part of my life, although im pretty useless on instument's:laugh: im pretty open-minded to what im listening to, but im a rocker at heart:wink: my fave band's include tool, a perfect circle, pink floyd, led zepplin and radiohead.

im currently in a dead-end, long-distance relationship with a fellow male living in sweden. and it seems i only keep hurting him emotionally, half of me wants to let him go because of this and the other half needs him so badly. but i have to ask myself is it him or just the connection that i need?

when i was 2 years old i sufferd a serious head injury (leaving a kinky 3 1/2-4'' scar:wink: ) which combined with a few years of heavy cannabis use 'may have resulted in the moderate major depression that i suffer from today' - improvised words of my GP. i've been drug free for 7 days now.

all the above have influenced the pure innocent child i once was to be this emotional wreck, to be honest i don't know why im still here other than the fact that i want to gain a higher state of coinsciousness...

well i think i have rambled enough for now:laugh: if anyone wants to chat feel free to pm me or add me on msn, my email adress is lord_of_the_cows_kb@hotmail.co.uk

take care and have fun y'all:blink: Keith

jane doe

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hi and welcome to the forum, i´m sure you´ll find here people who likes the same things that you do.....like myself. hun don´t hesitate in pm me at anytime. take care and i´ll pm you my msn addres if you want to talk of course. when i´m online talk to me and i´ll be there for you hun, and i won´t talk to you if you don´t want to do it , that´s why i preffer you to talk to me first ok? thake care and once again... welcome
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