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Ello all :new:
I registered as a member here yesterday and I’m massively nervous about posting..
My names Manda and I’m incredibly shy. My life’s gone downhill rather rapidly during that past two years because of an incident I don’t think I’m ready to talk about just yet… but I’m looking forward to becoming a more active member of SF and getting to know people a little better.
Hey manda :)

Welcome :hug:

Don't feel nervous about posting. we're not gonna judge you here.
Takes a bit to get used to doing it at first though..

If you wanna talk you can pm me anytime k?

Take care. And welcome again :laugh:


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:welcome: Manda! That's a beautiful name, btw. I'm glad you found us here. :smile:

I understand you're nervous, but you'll soon see that the people here at SF are a great bunch. :biggrin: This is a great place for support and finding others who either are or have been where you are.

Whenever you're ready to talk, we'll be here for you. If you ever want to talk on msn, you can reach me at bipolarkitty@hotmail.com
:welcome: to sf manda. i think you'll like it here at sf. say as much or as little as you like. it's entirely your call. just know we'll be here to listen whenever you need an ear. take care
:welcome: to SF Manda. It's okay if you are not yet comfortable to say much here. Hang out until you do feel comfortable and then tell us more about yourself. We are glad you found us. :hug:
Hey Manda :)

Welcome to the forum -as the others have said, no need to rush in posting or talking - take as much time as you need :)

Take care, hope to see you around :hug:



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Just wanted to join in and :welcome: you to the forum.. I look forward to seeing you around the place and getting to know you better.. but as the others said, there is no pressure to talk about anything you don't want to.. Just look after yourself but know that we'll be here to listen anytime

Jenny x

jane doe

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hi Manda and welcome to the forum. here we all try to help each other, and this place is full of understanding. you can feel free here of post anythingg, and if you want to talk in private, you can pm me at anytime. take care;)


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Welcome to the forum Manda!:smile: We're a good lot here and have a lot of compassion and understanding - and lots of listening ears and shoulders to cry on or lean on!:smile:

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