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greetings +&-

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Hello im dirge. Im poor, ive had suicidal thoughts since I was 12, im now 18. Ive went to different mental health and couseling, on and off since I was 13. My beliefs are nihilistic naturalism, strong atheism I think. I feel like I need something to make me happy, but its impossible to get. I feel like every thing is too complicated and nothing is worth it.
Humans are porbably the worst animals imo . I hope a meteor hits this planet or the sun destroys it.
Life isnt worth living to me everything is pointless, its impossibl to have a point anyways. Reality sucks, I wish i could live in a fantasy world. I will probably kill my self soon because ive droped out of school, I have always had bad grades. I dont have friends , dont really care tho. Never kissed a girl, doesnt really matter tho. Every thing in life is temporary and nothing matters.
:welcome: to the Forum, Dirge...
I'm sorry you feel like nothing is worth it :(
I hope you find support and friendship here.
Take care, and if you need anything, feel free to PM :)



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Welcome to the site. I can see where your output on life comes from as i have shared many of your thoughts at one point. I think we are here to make a difference. To try and change things for the better. pm me anytime.

Take care,


am I alive

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Hello Dirge,
My situation is almost same, so you're not only one feel that way, I hope SF will help you to feel little better, and make some friends.


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:welcome: hopefully you will receive the support and help you are looking for. This is a great place to meet nice people and to make good friends. Take care, beret xxx
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