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I am nineteen years old and am depressed and have been suicidal. I have been fighting this since I was about 10, but I think it may have actually been something I was born with. I have never fit in no matter how hard I tried and I am awkward around other people. My family thinks I am completely nuts, they don't say it, but I can tell. I am so glad this site was started and I ended up hearing about it on Yahoo. Thank you for helping people who, like me, don't have anywhere else to turn.
Hi :)

Welcome to the forum :)

We're like one big family here :)

I'm glad you like the site

Take care, see you around the forum and chat maybe! :)



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Hi shea and welcome. Im glad youve found sf because its a very nice site. Some very nice people here willing to help. I hope you find some help here :)

Take care
:welcome: to the Forum :)
I'm sorry you've been fighting so long :( But I'm glad you found us.
I'm sure you'll find support and friendship here :)
Take care, and if you need anything feel free to PM,



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Hi and :welcome: to the forum

I'm glad that you found us.. it can really help to have a safe place to talk where people can relate to what you're going through. I hope you stick around here as I would love to get to know you.

I hope things improve for you soon.. but in the meantime, remember we're here :)

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