Group therapy?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Spearmint, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I've never tried it, don't think it's really 'me'. I much prefer one to one.

    There's no harm in trying it though if you have been offered it?
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    It hasn't really been offered, more like a 'suggestion' (read: if I don't do some sort of therapy, again, the psych'll probably have me commited.) I've done the whole one on one therapy, seen more than one, but the thing is, I'm not one to talk about anything IRL, or here, really, so this whole thing doesn't seem like it's even going to work. Plus, I'm not even sure they have group therapy for teenagers, except for 'substance abuse' groups. I dunno. :/
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    I think group therapy is a very, very good idea. It's a bit less sterile than one-on-one therapy, and allows you to see others with similar problems. The group therapy I was in was social anxiety group therapy, which sounds like a veeeeery bad idea, but even that turned out not bad. You should check it out. At least try a session or two.
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    I'd rather have group therapy over being sectioned anyday.

    If you don't feel group is your thing then how about trying one to one again? Sometimes it can take a few goes before you find a therapist you trust & at that it can still take time before you feel comfortable speaking with them. My 1st few months of therapy literally consisted of me staring at the floor.

    Even if you discussed this with your psych. it would show that you are open to his ideas.

    Best of luck in whatever you choose & keep us posted.
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    I did therapy with one person for about a month, and I did therapy for about a year with someone else, and at the end of those, I was no closer to trusting them. And I've been seeing my psychiatrist for a year, and I'm no closer to opening up to her than I was when I started. I'd discuss this with my psych, but she honestly only listens to my mother; and I think my parents want me to do group, so that's probably what's going to happen. I'm not really a talking-about-myself type of person, I don't think. I'm willing to try it, I guess. I'm just wondering if anyone else has done it and had a good experience.
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    I'm currently doing it. I always thought it was not me, and that I was better one to one. Actually, it's not anywhere near as bad as I ever thought it would be. You can contribute as much or as little as you want, in my group, which puts you in control. Also, my gorup is based around teaching you skills, so it's not just about therapy, but about education.

    I always said I would never do it, but I got so desperate that I really had nothing to lose by doing it, and so I am doing it, and giving it my all. It's hard, no kidding, but I find it hard in a different way from individual therapy.

    It's also important to remember that the people there have their own issues, so may react differently, or irrationally, or in a way that may be inappropriate, but with time you miht come to understand that and learn about it through the guidance of the group leader. There do have to be strict rules though, in a group, and those have to be adhered too.
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    I don't like group therapy. I have my specific problems that I need one on one help with. SF is the closest thing I have to group therapy.
    I did go through this DBT thing and a partial hospitalization program with groups all day but it was never as helpful as one on one.
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    i thought i wouldnt like it.. that it would be a bit too heavy for me as there is one at the psychiatric day services i go to and had the choice whether to go into it or not

    someone who im good friends with who was also in the group persuaded me to join and shes the one that probes me the most, after the therapist, so its just like talking to her but with a couple of people also in the room that i try not to take notice of

    its actually been one of the most helpful groups ive done
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    I don't want anything to do with group therapy. I tried two different ones.
    1)The first one when everyone introduced themselves, I told them straight up that I have socialphobia and don't talk much. Well the first thing they did was hammer me with questions one right after another. when we took a break I left and never went back.
    2)The second group I attended I was talking and this girl in there told me my thoughts were totally unacceptable and the therapist just sat there and said nothing to her. So I never went back there either. It was a big step for me to even be talking out about my problems and this shit happens. I don't think so!!!
    I will stick to one on one therapy you get more out of it!!!
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    I’ve been in Group Therapy for 8 months and I am committed to 2 years in all – I can walk when I want to though...

    It was weird at first, I found it tedious and a lot of things triggered feelings in me. Over now though I have built in trust among the staff, we have two psychologists and one mental health nurse + one additional staff member who has been through a similar programme, we did have two but one left recently.

    We meet once at week for the full day and there are currently 5 of us in the group, we are expecting a new person next week.

    I have found group therapy helps, it’s certainly made me open up and question a lot of things that I have done and that have happened to me BUT (and there is always a BUT!) I still struggle to open up, I have to be prompted and normally that happened with 10 minutes talking time to go and I don’t get out what I need to and go home feeling like shit.

    I was also struggling with the fact I had a major thing for the psychologist and couldn’t stand her talking to me or being in the same room as her, I felt so uncomfortable. However that is out in the open now and she’s fine about it and I know the underlying reasons as to why it happened.

    The downside to group therapy for me is I lost my CPN contact. I was discharged from her care when I accepted a place in the group but she didn’t tell me this would happen. It felt really awful to be cut off from someone you had built trust in, it really annoyed the hell out of me... it still does.

    I find the extra lack of support really doesn’t help. I am struggling now and there is never an opportunity to take the staff to one side to have a private one to one chat... everything has to be done in the group. I wrote a letter to the staff last week and it was thought better if I read it to the group, I did and hence the issues of the thing for the staff member were dealt with.

    There are pros and cons to it... right now I am not sure where I stand. I have made some great new friends through the group, but also find it hard to have other people offload there problems on me, especially when they phone several times a day...

    One upside is meeting others who are like myself... I often thought so much I was alone and no one understood and now I know this is not the case. I've made friends with several other BPD people.
    Still I am still going, for now...
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    i have, for social anxiety, kinda helped, kinda nice
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    I've been to several sessions of group therapy whilst sectioned, I didn't particularly like it, more than likely because I thought the staff had hidden agendas. That said, I do quite often attend a Bipolar self help group which is run through the Manic Depressive Fellowship which I find ok.