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    So......ok I know that you're insecure about the way you look, but seriously I don't understand your thinking (or maybe you don't think about it), I must make my little sister feel as bad as me....oh yes, that will definately make me feel a little better.
    Am I fucking weird? I do get insecure about my looks sometimes, but it's not the ONLY thing I care about in my life. I have other things.... I have ambitions.... I have ideas.....I have dreams......I have music....I have art.....I have words.........and when I escape into these things I find freedom.....
    And most of the time, I'm walking around and thinking other things....I mean I do get self concious.....but I can escape from these insecurities.
    But you worry way too much. There's nothing wrong with you. Not serious things anyway. I mean some people can't walk or talk or have terrible illnesses....
    Maybe you're jealous of the way I am. That I don't care as much.
    So for the readers (if you've got this far - very unlikely) this is what she said - complaining about her height in relation to our other taller sister, she insisted that I feel the same. When I told her we were both average height, she insisted that no, we were not, everyone she knows is taller than her (I am the same height as her). I mean I was never bothered about my height before, but I can't help but worry now.
    She's said things like this before, buying me clothes and saying, 'it'll look better when you're thinner.'
    For god's sake! Grow up will you! :rolleyes:
    I'm beginning to think I'm a minority in this way of thinking. Most women I know are like this. It disgusts me, that I belong in this gender, this gender that consists mostly of girls who only care about their make up, their bodies, their clothes, blah blah blah.
    It angered me before when I read some famous writer/academic or something say, 'women can never be artists' angered me so much.
    But now I understand that way of thinking. I'm ashamed of the majority of my gender. I'm ashamed of the role models that young girls aspire to.
    I feel like a freak a lot of the time.
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    And then there's the ones like me that really whats on the outside isnt that important. Unfortunately the young girls and ladies are forced to see and believe that beauty is what you can make yourself up to be. To try and reach unobtainable goals to be "perfect". But at the end of the day, it is up to you as an individual to decide how and what you think beautiful is. Not what others say or show you, but what you really believe.