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  1. how exactly do you know when you've grown up or not? i'm 17 and i turn 18 in september. i can hardly consider myself a kid anymore but i don't really feel like an adult. i'm dependent on my parents for just about anything (i have no means of earning my own money as nobody would want to employ somebody as useless as me). they're very restrictive of me. at my age this shouldn't be this case but what can i do? they own me. i'm still weak and cowardly and cry like a baby. i've lived quite a sheltered life as a result of my difficulties (i have asperger's and dyspraxia). most of my life has been spent indoors. i never got the chance to grow or develop my personality. i still have no clue what i want for the future (other than death). i'm very badly educated (i never managed to finish school). i never really learned how to form relationships, either of the pletonic or romantic kind (i haven't even kissed let alone had sex). i should have my life together by now but i don't. i think there's something wrong with me. something i can't put right. something i don't think i'm ever going to be able to put right.
  2. sometimes a post is so pathetic nobody even bothers to respond
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    Often, it can take time for a post to get a response to it ...

    I think that, knowing when you're grown up (or not, as the case may be), is a very individual thing, and there are no set criteria for it...
    Do you think that perhaps, the reason your parents are restrictive of you the way they currently are, is because of your difficulties?
    It certainly sounds like you're ready to change your current lifestyle - perhaps ask your parents for a little more freedom or so?

    Do take care :)
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    im supposed to be grown up, but I dont feel like it.
    and i have kids myself!
    takes time to grow, and growing up has little to do with age.
    one of my kids has aspergers
    you just learn to love the differences