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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Strawberry_Gashes__x, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. It's been getting to me for a long while now & i need to get it out. Everytime me and my bf argue he says i'm emo and i get all depressed over stupid things. which aint true. i've had a hard life but he just don't seem to understand. he keeps threating to leave me, which will just make me even worse && i dunno what to do. i have a counsellor and i'm trying to get over my depression, but it's so hard to cope when the one you love doesn't stick by you.

    Does anyone know what i can do to get through this?

    Someone please help me ..
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Perhaps picking a good moment(not one when your head is feeling all muddled with depression) and sitting him down and explaining it all properly.
    What you said here was coherent and to the point. Maybe if he knows how bad he's making you feel he'll stop.
  3. Cestmoi

    Cestmoi Well-Known Member

    Dump him before he leaves you. Trust me, you 'll feel a lot better.
  4. softee

    softee Well-Known Member

    My bf of 4 years is the same way. When I cry he gets upset and asks
    me what's wrong. And when I tell him what's bothering me, he gets mad
    and does not listen. If I tell him to just leave me alone, he also gets mad.
    It's really frustrating.
  5. paranoidxe

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  6. paranoidxe

    paranoidxe Well-Known Member

    Well venting here would be a great start to get some things off your mind that you've been holding in.

    So lets here it! Alternatively a journal (diary) might also help, it seems to assist me when things get rough..nothing beats bitching at a piece of paper that can't talk back!
  7. WriteEnough

    WriteEnough Member

    i know how you feel. all you can really do is talk to him about it. just express how you feel about everything. if he is acting bad to you, then you have to decide wither you want it to continue, or help yourself.
  8. goingmobile

    goingmobile Active Member

    I'm sorry I have nothing to lend to this conversation, except that my boyfriend and I are completely opposite. He is the emotional one. I used to get mad until I asked him to point out little things I did that mad him feel as if I didn't care about him. It brought a whole new perspective (well, that also took a while. I was angry about him constantly telling me I'm wrong) Like it was said above- sit him down and really tell him how you feel. Or dump him if this doesn't work- it means he does appreciate or respect you.

    Oh ! and I love Carmina Burana !
  9. Nelka

    Nelka Member

    Your boyfriend is probably just frustrated. He doesn't know how to handle your depression. It's not something he can fix and it's not something he can easily see or touch.

    I have dates guys with depression and it made me see that we can be a pain in the ass sometimes. It's not always easy being with someone who is depressed all the time or gets sad for seemingly no reason.

    I agree with what others have posted, have a nice sit down talk with him. Talk about what does and doesn't work when you're depressed. Let him know that you appreciate him and that you understand it's not an easy situation to be in. (For either of you.)

    You're gonna have fights sometimes and that's okay. Depression is going to cause a strain on any relationship. But if you guys work out a system and you try to get help for yourself, it can really improve things.
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