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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Kiba, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Kiba

    Kiba Well-Known Member

    Grr.. fucking bull shit!! BULL SHIT!!! I'm tired of it!!

    People are so fucking stupid somtimes!! This economy is stupid.. and I'm tired of all the BULL SHIT!!

    My chest has been aching past 2 nights.. I want to fucking explode!!

    Have work tomarrow and I don't really want to go.. but I need to..

    I need the hours.. We all need the money.. and fucking just stupid!!!

    I want to laugh.. I want to cry..

    What the hell!! OK?!

    I dont need no fucking answers.. There really are none.. I am just so fucking screwed up every night with all this stress on me..

    I don't know what I need.. Someone to talk to? Vent to? Every night for a while?

    I have my friends I talk to... But still this stress it churns every fucking night inside me.. I try to fucking hide it.. But I can't..

    I really don't want to give a shit..

    I don't trust many people anymore because of how stupid this world is becoming..

    Those who actually are smart are those really depressed.. imo.. and I dont think its all chemical bull shit! Its the state of this world and how fucked up it is!!

    They medicate people who prob dont need to be.. Over medicate.. I feel as though maybe even the word BRAIN WASH!!

    Those who actually are "happy" are in my opinion clueless to all the bull shit going on..

    This fucking world is falling apart.. Everything will..

    And as it fallas apart we will prob start over.. but are people really smart enough anymore?! Could we live on the land like we once did?? I am doubtful many are of the intellegence anymore.. Nor the strength..

    And now it seems.. there are even things that are fucking suggested so that you HAVE to follow the laws of society.. You cant even decide to live off land if you wanted.. And its all BULL SHIT!!


    I ask myself..

    "What is the point of following the rules of society, when all it brings is un-happyness
    But what else is there I can do but follow
    Because of oposition to the laws will cause a distruption illegal.."

    And to those.. who dont even have the ability to do either.. the homeless.. living on the edge.. the outcasts.. They only to an extent can survive if following these rules..

    And I don't know how society expects them else how to survive..


    I see a lot of those homeless.. right out of High School.. Kick from their parents.. new to the fucked up world this is.. especially where I live.. And what are we doing to our future? We are causing a division..

    The outcast.. homeless.. Those getting college education... But then some even then find no jobs.. find no place to stay.. way to live.. and now you cause the division..

    This world is not anymore on a pyramid.. its a line drawn between two seperate lives.. one each angry at the other..

    The rich for the un-lawfulness of the poor, The poor for the un-generous rich..

    (This is generallity)

    When we cannot see past our own selves and take a step to understand each side.. blinding by what we are raised to eblvie.. brain washed in this society..


    I know I talk a lot about these same subjects.. But honestly it's what angers me the most..

    And right now.. I am facing a lot of things to do with this balance.. And its stressing me..