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Why the fuck do they do this to me?!? Why doesnt my mom understand that she hurts me and cause me pain every time she calls?!? I tell her it all the time but yet she still manages to make me feel like shit! Why wont she leave me alone?!?!!

And my dad..wow..i can go on and on about him..but that will take to long..I am so ready to take a shotgun and shoot his ass for what he does to me. But its not worth it..nothing is fucking worth it anymore.

I want to go get drunk again right now! I want to drink till I pass out and hopefully die. Bet that will make them happy..Yeah..bet it would..I really wouldnt give a shit if i were to get so fucked up that I ended up in the hospital..then I would be taken away and would never have to deal with this shit again..

Haha yeah..I should do that..I so should


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Oh Shellz, I'm sorry that you're hurting so much.. and sorry that your parents hurt you in this way constantly. Is it possible to not answer the phone when your mum rings? When i first moved away from home i told my parents i didn't remember my landline number, so it was up to me to call them.. on my terms (although i have no idea how they fell for it for so long lol)

I hope you are ok today and still with us. I'm thinking of you and here if you need a shoulder

Jenny x
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