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  1. Gothic-Midnight-Rose

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    Ok, I got called ugly by someone who has never met me && doesn't even know me.
    Ffs! Why are people so effin judgemental? So I may not be that pretty but I have a good heart(so my fiancee keeps telling me constantly lol) so it shouldn't really matter

    When will some people start to see the bigger picture && not just what they see on the outside?

    It really does my head in. Grrr!

    *Rant Over*
    Sorry about that lol

  2. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    It could be that person was in a bad mood and just was taking their anger out on you, still not the right thing to do, but maybe thats it?
  3. Robin

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    A good heart is what I look for in a person :)
  4. Nima

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    Just Ignorant

    People are Judgemental because they don't have any other way of being:rolleyes: My Father was in a bad mood this morning and we just got Digital Cable and I was telling him how come I can't have a Digital Box and he said do you have a job i told him I'm on an on call basis then he's going to tell me she's not going to call me back how rude was that. But people are Judgemental they speak without thinking Gothic don't let that bother you he was dumb and didn't know any better:smile: