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    i wish i didn't have to hide, and that i could let it all out. when i was a little kid i told my mom i thought i was depressed and she snapped at me and said something along the lines of 'you have nothing to be depressed about'. well, i'm now 3-4 times as old as i was then and i still feel the same way. i wish i didn't have to hide my scars from her. if she'd just notice i wouldn't always be paranoid that she'll notice. recently she's been asking me what's wrong, but only when there's nothing wrong. i wish i wasn't alive. i don't want to kill myself but i wish i was never born.
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    Just because someone else thinks that you shouldn't be depressed, it doesn't mean anything, they're your feelings and no one can tell you how you feel. Have you been to the doc or tried any form of therapy?
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    Maybe it's time to tell her again. She might have trouble accepting it but if you continue to hide it and not say anything, she will never learn the truth. Sometimes you have to be insistent and not give up. Talk to your GP about it. If they feel you exhibit the signs of depression they can tell your mom.
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    i've never gone for therapy. i'm on my parents insurance and they're adamantly against therapy. i've wanted to go for therapy forever, but i suppose i will have to wait to get my own money or insurance to do so. every time i bring it up, my mother doesn't want to hear it. she doesn't want to hear how all of the bullshit btwn her an my father have fucked me up after all these years. i don't have a GP or anyone that could talk to my mother for me, and it's become impossible to talk to her myself. i always get the opposite reaction from her than what i expect or want to hear.

    thanks for listening and responding, everyone on this site has been great!:hug: