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  1. Terry

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    FFS we visited dad yesterday, he was megally confused and moribund.
    Had a chat with the doctor (lovely man) who said dad was way to ill to move and that he was trying to sort out his meds so today's meeting (to discuss where dad went next) was off.
    Takes dad to smoking room and was rolling him fags when officious nurse stares me down and say "you're not smoking are you only patients are allowed to smoke"
    Said rolling fags hardly constituted smoking and she left.
    Go to ask her to phone me if dad should die and not mum as would prefer to run round to mum's to tell her myself (doc had already agreed this) as mum is in her 70s and the shock would floor her.
    Get told can't do that as she is officially next of kin...said what was I, the onion :dry:
    Bit back retorts all day as you never know what they might do to parent when you aint there.
    She then spent a merry half hour making me feel as guilty as hell about not visiting more, even tho its 6 buses and an 8 hour round trip :dry: More or less implied I should have known years ago that driving skill would be needed and should have learnt to drive :dry:
    Insists that meeting is on today and that we must attend, mum worried out of her mind.
    Mum rings this morning and of course meeting is not on, just as doctor had said and nurse just being officious bitch!
    Am so angry as held in huge amount of pissed offness and now have no where to put it....hence this post!
    Meanwhile head is full of state of dad and wishing to God that he would pass peacefully in his sleep.
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    wish you had told the nurse to be a bit more compassionate. I would of told her to stop relaying the wrong information and to look up things before she spoke. You are upset it is understandable and if u can try to do something kind for you now okay. Try to unwind abit. scream you head off if it will help i would then do something kind just for you You deserve some kindness and understanding take care
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    Dont you just hate when people miss their calling in life? Sounds like Miss Shit For Bedside Manners should be a politician. Then she can spew all the BS she wants but now no one takes it personally or seriously.

    Hey just cleaned out my little piss pot. More than willingly to let you use it if ya like. Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do :arms:
  4. Terry

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    LOL Itmanah that just made me giggle and oh boy did I need a giggle :hug:
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    Sending love to you, your mum and dad :hug: