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*grrrr...* - possible trigger.

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I've only been here just over a week, and already I have a problem. I'm sorta split in two...

Firstly there's the nice people, and if I'm being honest this counts most of the people here, so this isn't aimed at a lot of people.

It's the nasty people who get me. After my first bad experience in chat a couple of days ago (tbh I don't think it can get much worse than what this one person put me through then) I am now so scared about going in chat. If I don't recognise most of the names in the "who's chatting" list, I won't go in. At the same time, I want to meet new people and I want to talk to the friends I've already made.

I do not want to go into a chat room to be told that I'm 'attractive' because I'm 'vunerable' and then be asked almost constantly to give out a photo, just because the guy in question wants to 'jerk off' to it. I also don't want to be told it's 'my loss' when I've spent half an hour trying to tell the guy to get lost. And I do not, most deffinately do not want to throw up again from this or simalar treatment, or just by seeing the guys name on the chat room list.

Moral of the story? Chat may be a little bit of fun for you, but be careful - you don't know who you might be hurting...


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Thats pretty terrible behaviour by whomever it was...Ok, ive been naughty in chat in the past, but it was always a two way street, and never anything too serious. To ask a girl for a photo because you want to "jerk off" to it is seriously bad form...

I hope he got put under moderation, and im sorry he upset you like this. I think youll find most people in chat are pretty nice.
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You know something, its guys like that that give guys a bad name. Well i can tell you personally i hate people like that... so..

If you like I will come into chat with you and talk :) and make sure there isnt anyone like that about. Hopefully make it so that "Nomisf" is another name you can recognise in chat :)
Just sorry that you had to have such an experience, some people are just plain wrong :( *hug*
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