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  1. MoAnamCara

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    i hate people who are late. its rude and most of the time avoidable. i know its not all the time. anyhow i was late for a flight due to someone else so had to get another flight. now that flight is an hour late already due to weather. im running on two hours sleep, thats my own fault, nonetheless im grumpy.

    i was then given a list as long as my arm by said person of things to do re work. thats ok, but not really. i shouldve spoken up, but i didnt, so its my fault.

    its one of those days when the smallest thing is going to put me in a tailspin. im trying not to think about coping mechamisms, the bad ones. else later on... itll be a downhill slide.

    ok, moan over.
  2. total eclipse

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    OH hun hugs to you im sorry the day is just not going right hugs
  3. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    Thanks TE, yet again.

    Feeling v triggerd atm. I knew this would happen today. Will get klonopin'ed up and see if that takes the edge off.
  4. strange1

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    Your going to med up?? I've gone all my life with out meds, tonight i've got one of those nights, I really wanna go..... I wanna go so bad. It'd be so much easier
  5. flowers

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    Mo, :hug: I am sorry he was late and caused you to miss your plane. Okay, I will call him a jerk. I would have been triggered too. Because its so thoughtless of him to do. and then to get all that work piled on you when you get home? no no no no. And I would not have thought to say no to him. I am not in my power enough to pull of a good "no" unless its well rehersed. I am sorry you are triggered. But I too would be. I hope the klonapin helped. You know that klonapin and I are dear friends. I sleep with him :D
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  6. flowers

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    hi strange1. I read on another thread that you just moved to a new place. Its high on the list of major life stressors. I also read on a post that your fiancee is not listening to how you feel. You can read my response there. I am sorry the pain is so huge for you. And I can read that is is enormous. I am glad you are posting here on sf. Please keep doing that. you will get to know people here. Its a good community.

    I hope you can find some support irl also. In addition to here. Because online community support is very important as far as I am concerned, but irl support is also very important. Do you think it would be possible to get some irl support? Please stay alive. Okay? :hug: