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  1. shellz

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    I am going crazy!! My family is driving me insane. They expect so much of me, the only time they want something to do with me is when they want a babysitter. Other than that its like "fuck off". Its really pissing me off!

    I will try really hard to please them and do everything for them, but when I want something or want to talk, there suddenly to busy to have anything to do with me. When they found out I was suicidal and was in the hospital, they were nice to me then, but only so they could get a good name in with the staff. I knew what they were doing the whole time. But of course they denied it and that pissed me off even more.

    I am getting to the point of packing up my car and driving away from them all. I sure as heck would never turn back ever
  2. scared_child

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    hey hun, I know how it is, I hope that your situation gets better. sending much love and understanding, Sandra
  3. shellz

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    See, thats the thing, my situation is not going to get better, it is just going to get worse...
  4. gentlelady

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    Hang in there shellz. i know things don't look like they will improve, but they may. Wish it could be now though. You are a sweetheart. :hug:
  5. shellz

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    yeah, to bad nobody else sees that in me :(
  6. twilightki

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    As gentlelady said, hang in there.

    Once you're able to move out, you'll feel like a huge weight is off your back. In the meantime, don't try to please them. Extra energy you don't need to waste. You don't need to impress them. I talked to you, I know you're a good person. They can't see that. They lose out, that doesn't mean other people should have to. You're a great person and I'm sure you can make lots of people happy.:smile:
  7. shellz

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    Nobody ever sees that in me though. They all see me as this tough person who is heartless, but really I'm not. I have a lot of care for people but nobody ever gets to see that part of me. There all to busy judging me by my looks and not whats on the inside. Thats the same with my family to. They dont know how much it hurts me when they do those things to me. I have told them plenty of times, but they dont want to listen. They sure do know how to make me feel wanted in this world :(