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    I just don't understand why someone would do this, anything like this. I can't figure out if it's pity, if i'm paranoid, but there's always that little voice in the back of my head saying tht it's too good to be true, that he doesnt really even want to be friends, and just the littlest things set me off into paranoid anxiety. i just want to stop worrying. i thought love was suppose to make u happy, not bring u down into a depression youve worked so hard to bring urself outta. ur not suppose to lead on someone u dont like, especially when u have a gf already, and here i am, thinking how much easier it would be if we stopped all communication, but i cant, cuz everyday something will happen, and were good friends, so what if i am being paranoid and i end up hurting him? this sounds so mean, but i wish i had never met him, things were so simple back then, but then i think how if i hadnt then id most likely be dead now =/ hows that for gratitude? ive put so much effort in our friendship, i never do, hes the only person that ive ever opened up to, we could spend the whole day talking. and its just not fair. his stupid girlfriend called me a fooolish girl, he never said anything to take away those words. whats so good about her anyways? i probably love him ten more times than she ever could, yet here i am, cant move on, not knowing if i even should really. he said he liked me more than a friend, but then why her? why would he even tell me something like that? its just mean...yet i can't even be angry, i just want to cry..
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    Hope you feel better.

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    Thanks Jedi :biggrin:

    it means alot, really ^_^
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    Sorry this has gone on Nyu. I do hope things get better soon. :hug: