Discussion in 'Soap Box' started by down-and-maybeout, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. down-and-maybeout

    down-and-maybeout Well-Known Member

    It's snowing again where I am. Hate the bloody stuff.

    Anyone else get depressed and generally pissed off when it snows?
  2. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Im actually the opposite. It snowed her last night and man, it's beautiful. I live in the country side so it's a bit different than in the city, the snow just blankets the entire place. But it's cold .. :)
  3. PiecesMended

    PiecesMended Well-Known Member

    I like it but I get pissed because everything comes to a stand-still for some reason. Seriously - a normaly 30min drive from hospital took 5 HOURS last time. Plus I CAN'T miss college, no one would be there to look after the animals!! :O
  4. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    I have to admit, I find it to be quite pretty, I prefer being too cold to being too hot and sweating and as I walk most places I couldnt really care for the driving difficulty.
    Its a welcome change every once in a while.
  5. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    It is quite pretty i guess as i'm surrounded by a castle to look at. . . aslong as i am inside.
    As soon as i go outside i really dislike it,
    I think in the u.k. it is a pretty much stand still operation though .
  6. LogDork

    LogDork Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    You're in a castle? That's really cool.
  7. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    Well i'm surrounded by a castle yeah, part of my uni is castle, so it is quite pretty :)
  8. thebaronspell

    thebaronspell Well-Known Member

    Hey, You guys from England?

    I'm down in Kent and we've yet to have anything apart from a slight moment. By morning we are supposed to see some snow though.
  9. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    Yeah i'm in Durham so alot of snow for the past few days and still coming as a type:
    so a fan of the snow?
  10. thebaronspell

    thebaronspell Well-Known Member

    Hey Kirsty,

    Not seen you around before, do you use the chatrooms?
    Isn't that near Newcastle babe?
    Not really to be honest lol x you?
  11. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    No i don't use the chat room really.
    Yeah about 15 mins away.
    Hmm as i put above, not a big fan of going out in it, but i don't mind looking at it :)
  12. thebaronspell

    thebaronspell Well-Known Member

    Shame babes, Would be great if you did though.
    Thought so, You may have been asked this a thousand times but have you got a geordie accent? Best regional accent imo.
    Same :p
  13. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    Guess so,
    no i'm from the midlands; just here for uni, so no accent :)
  14. thebaronspell

    thebaronspell Well-Known Member

    Dialect or no dialect I'm sure your midlands accent is finely tuned.
    How is Uni going along for you Kirsty_Ann?
  15. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    perhaps :)
    not great but i guess i'm at uni and achieved more than apparently i should have: well that is what i have been told. . .
  16. thebaronspell

    thebaronspell Well-Known Member

    We're only as good as our last assignment as they say. Your probably just undermining yourself babes. I'm guessing your there on merit so chin up. X
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